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Today the positive influence and the momentum of change globally, exerted by women, indicate clearly that woman power is not to be overlooked. Owing to female board members’ participation in major decision-making process, enterprises gain balanced views to reduce operational risks, increase profits and improve corporate image. In Taiwan, as active as female participation in the workforce, voices of female leaders are still lacking at the executive level, which is indeed a shame. A progressive society is flourished by continuous injection of innovative ideas. The collective wisdom and diversified views are needed to foster creativities which will in turn bring kinetic energy to advance our society.


In April of 2018, Taiwan Women on Boards Association (abbreviated as WOB.tw) was founded. The Association brings female leaders from various fields together on a mission to encourage more enterprises increasing board seats for female executives, for today and for tomorrow. The Change will ensure Taiwan’s corporations to be truly diversified. Current members of Taiwan Women on Boards Association span over 15 different industry sectors, including technology, financial services, retails…etc.. With their broad visions and comprehensive views, they often brainstorm for new ideas and are committed in mentoring the future generation.




Taiwan Women on Boards Association

Empower Women for a Better World.