Sherry Chen

Chairperson, Medtecs (Taiwan) Corporation

Sherry Chen (陳素甜) graduated in 1979 from National Chengchi University with a master’s
degree in Public Finance. With the passing of the National Senior Civil Service Examination
in 1977, she started her career as a government employee of Bank of Taiwan immediately
after graduation. She rotated through jobs within the financial institution starting from the
Economic Research Department, Offshore Banking Branch, New York Branch, the Treasury
Department, and finally the International Banking Department. Due to her outstanding
performance she was promoted to Senior Vice President and led different department in the

In 2009 she was appointed by the government to be the Executive Vice President of Taiwan
Financial Holdings Co., Ltd., which is the parent company of Bank of Taiwan. Three years
later she was promoted to chairperson of BankTaiwan Life Insurance Co., Ltd. She was
awarded Top Ten Outstanding Leaders of Large Enterprises in the 17th Golden Summit
Award in 2016.

Sherry retired from public sector in early 2017 and joined Medtecs Group as the Vice
President. Medtecs Group was founded by her husband with a focus on providing protective
solutions for medical professionals. She was appointed as the chairperson of Medtecs
(Taiwan) Corporation 16 months later and has managed Medtecs Taiwan ever since.

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