Frances Chang

Current Positions:

Vice Chairman, Taiwan Farm Industry Co., LTD.

Chairman, RÒU TIMES CO., LTD.

Chairman, Xu Yu Biotech Co., LTD.

  • Business Philosophy

Established in 1967, Taiwan Farm Industry Co., Ltd. (T-HAM) is a leading pioneer of Taiwan meat industry. T-HAM has over 50 years of experience in butchery and meat processing, and have successfully expanded our expertise in meat products importing & exporting in the recent decades. T-HAM has developed e-commerce sales channel since the beginning of new millennium, as well as extending our serves into Food & Beverage sector by founding restaurant “RÒU by T-Ham” in 2016.

Combining premium butcher shop and restaurant, this is a unique “two-in-one store” concept by T-HAM. Name are the pronunciation of meat (肉) in Chinese, RÒU advocates the idea of “In quality meat, we love”. Providing only the finest selection of fresh produce, meat products and food ingredients, RÒU by T-HAM is designed to offer the ultimate indulgence to all meat lovers. And its branch RÒUST BY T-HAM can also provide consumer valet cooking services, becoming the most fashionable new-style meat cuisine specialty store.

T-HAM has also ventured into the plant-based protein market with the launch of its first plant-based food brand “No Meating”. In addition to inheriting meat processing experience by T-HAM, the company has spent more than a year developing its exclusive Myo-filament technology to create an amazing product experience for non-vegetarians, perfectly mimicking the texture of meat and bringing a juicy flavor with a flexible bite. The whole series of No Meating products are all made from plant-based ingredients and are made with minimalist thinking, reducing artificial additives and excessive processing, returning to the original nature and presenting the pure blessing.

  • Media Reports

爆紅雞胸肉、高價蛋的推手 讓你吃更好蛋白質,「肉三代」翻轉畜牧業 (2022/01/10 天下雜誌)

文青茶葉罐裝肉鬆、門市像網美店 55歲台畜營收翻倍,功臣是這三姊弟 (2022/01/05 天下雜誌)

「火腿代名詞」台畜三姊弟 搶推植物肉版本肉鬆 (2021/11/25 商業周刊)

台畜、屏東でワンストップの食肉加工場建設 (2019/04/16 亞洲經濟新聞)

台畜副董事長 張嵐欣品牌革命 要台畜潮起來 (2019/04/15 工商時報)

台畜×外銀教父 拚接班也拚轉型 (2016/05/10 天下雜誌)

將老字號年輕化、國際化 (2015/08/10 香港經濟導報)

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公主接班 台灣火腿成米其林美食 (2015/07/04 壹週刊)

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