Judy Lee

Judy Lee is the founder of Test Rite Group and serves as Chairwoman.
Under her guidance for almost 40 years, the Taiwan-listed company has
expanded to more than 6,000 employees with annual revenue of over USD1
billion and offices and warehouses across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Judy was born into a post-war refugee family and grew up in a military
community in Tainan. After graduating from Tamkang University’s Department of
Banking and Insurance, she began her career as a tea lady in a trading
company, later moving to Taoyuan where she worked at the Shinfu Corporation
as a sales representative of lifting jacks. Hardworking and down to earth, she
was promoted to manager in just four years.

In 1974, she founded Chiu’s Trading Company, which then expanded into
Test Rite Trading in 1978. Under her leadership, the company extended its
footprint from trading to retail business development while remaining
unwaveringly focused on home-related products and services.

Judy was ranked No. 20 in Forbes Magazine’s Asia Power Businesswomen
list in 2014, and named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young Taiwan in 2015.
She was invited to Monte Carlo to attend the EY World Entrepreneur of the
Year Ceremony on behalf of Taiwan in 2016.

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