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Taiwan is in the mature market and 97% all supports the Taiwan economical artery from the small and medium-sized enterprise.  Many of them are “the stealth champion” but not well-known in the world.  In fact, each single business success is major from the resources Integration.  Under fiercely business competition climate and the markets impacted by globalization trends, firms must clearly delineate its position under global competition and review the value again.  All activities of projecting, pricing, designing, distributing and promoting shall be started with the consideration of new demands from consuming users. 

In order o provide the total solution, Lucky Investment Group Inc. was established in 2010 and it is famous in the field of consultant plan and commercial project. We create win-win situation and successful performance throughout Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The rise of women’s power is a new trend of economic prosperity of the global movement.  Therefore, we also devote in women entrepreneurial uidance for both Taiwan and Mainland China, including young female college students, female markers, back-to-work women and community women entrepreneurship project.  We make positive effective to assist women in entrepreneurship and employment, to build an innovative and friendly women’s entrepreneurial environment as the goal.

Chairwoman Nicole Hsiao used to work in large-scale trading company in Taiwan and the headquartered is in New York for 11 years, responsible for the development of new products in variety of materials and clients in worldwide.  She created her own business in 2007 to help enterprises with unique experience professional and technical wisdom.  Lectures taught throughout Taiwan, Mainland China and Southeast Asia.

In addition, for the development of corporate social responsibility CSR, actively engaged in community management and participation in social service work, Nicole Hsiao has joined The International Lions Club 300 District A2 and appointed to be President in 2013-2014, the branch of club members become the largest one after her excellence efficient leadership and got promotion to be Zone Chairperson next year in 2014-2015 and as the youngest Region Chairperson in 2016-2017, lead all members to serve in 5 service areas (Diabetes, Environment, Hunger relief, Pediatric Cancer and Vision). We serve and we are grateful !!

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