Sherry Hsia

Founder ,Byte-In Integrated Marketing

Executive Consultant/ International Bridge Program Director

Kai Ping Culinary School

•Byte-In Integrated Marketing was founded in 2003 to promote talents and products specifically in the hospitality industry. The main services include Marketing & Event Planning, Employer Brand Building, and Recruitment. 

•Byte-In is affiliated with Kai-Ping Group which consists of culinary school, youth development foundation, and training restaurants.   

•Recognizing the trend in globalization and the increasing need for Taiwanese students to gain global perspective, Sherry Hsia began working on a curriculum more suited for students who plan to study abroad or work in international companies post graduation. In 2015 the International Bridge Program (IBP) was founded at Kai Ping Culinary School. In 2016 IBP worked with Kendall College in the US to develop an Immersion program for students to study abroad at Kendall for one month to gain experience in international culinary colleges, making it the first culinary high school in Taiwan to offer this type of program.  



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